Apple Specialist Support for Home

CleverGear offers onsite support for Apple Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and third-party equipment. We come to your home to help you with photos, email, iCloud, backups, WiFi, and whatever else you need. You get clear, simple advice from an experienced, certified member of Apple Consultants Network.


Managing a huge number of photos can be overwhelming. It's easy to fill up an iPhone or iPad, especially with video. We help you take control of your photo library, and sync it to all your other Apple devices. We can also show you how to display your photos on the living room TV, and share them easily from your iPhone or Mac to family and friends.

iCloud Sync

iCloud is sometimes confusing but it doesn't have to be. It's a great service for getting your information on multiple devices at the same time. We make sure that your Mac, iPhone and iPad have iCloud syncing properly. We can also set up Dropbox, which is perfect for sharing files and folders to yourself and other people.

Apps, Movies & Music

When you buy apps, music, and movies in iTunes and App Store, you can use those items on all your devices, and you can share them among family members too. There's no need to pay twice. iTunes Music, Movies and TV shows can be played on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Taken a step further, you can have all your media in a central library that everyone can access from every device. Sounds complicated? We can make it happen.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a tiny device with a huge presence. It brings movies, music, TV shows, photos and home video, and even games to your TV. It also lets any modern Mac, iPhone and iPad use your TV as a display. We set up Apple TV to become the hub of your big screen home entertainment, with every iPhone and iPad its remote control.


Are your Mac computer and iPhone backed up? How about those irreplaceable family photos and home videos? You should have three or four copies of your data, including one that's not at your home. This isn't hard to do, or expensive, but it's very, very important. Think of it as insurance, and let CleverGear set it up.

Passwords & Security

In the world of technology, nothing can be more important and more of a problem than passwords. We've written about it here, but there's a simple solution. Let us show you how to have strong passwords for everything without the need to remember them. We also evaluate your Wi-Fi, email, and other technologies to make sure you and your family are as secure as possible.


If your Mac computer is running slow, it might be time to clear out old files or even upgrade. If your Wi-Fi or printer is having problems, you may need new equipment... or perhaps it's just a setting that needs to be changed. Either way, CleverGear can help. Contact us for expert troubleshooting, consulting, purchasing and recycling advice.


If you have children you're probably worried about the trouble they can get into online. We can help you set restrictions to limit online access and prevent certain apps from being used. We also like to show parents Apple's Find Friends and Find My iPhone services — they're a great way to keep tabs on family members... and to recover lost devices!