IT Support for Business

Whether it's one Mac computer in your office, or an iPhone and iPad for everyone in the company, we offer IT consulting and support services to meet your needs. As a member of Apple Consultants Network, we cover a full range of Apple and third-party solutions and technologies, bringing on-site tech support to business customers in Tokyo and beyond.

iPad & iPhone Deployment

We can set up an MDM system to centrally manage any number of iOS devices. With MDM you can easily implement your own security policies, update settings, allow staff to use their own phones while keeping company data safe, and much more. Contact us to learn how your company can be more secure and efficient with mobile device management.

Cloud Services

There are lots of options for sharing data, and great services like Dropbox, Google Apps, and iCloud. Sometimes these services can get over-complicated though. A good solution should be simple enough to manage and use, yet still be secure. Let us evaluate your needs and recommend the right solution, with setup and training to follow.

Mac & PC Integration

Switching from Windows to Mac is a process that we can make painless. Integrating a Mac into a PC environment, or vice versa, is surprisingly painless too — when you have an experienced consultant by your side. We'll answer your questions about the process and guide you smoothly through the transition.

Email, Calendars, Contacts

Email should be fast, reliable, and synced to all your devices. There are great email providers out there, and we can set you up with a high quality, professional solution. The same applies to calendars and contacts, especially if you share them. Don't put up with unreliable service any longer!

Server, Network & VPN

We are certified for work with macOS Server, and very experienced. We can install a server for you, configure your network for fast, reliable access, and show you how to use VPN for secure remote access to company data. Then we train your staff so they know how to work offsite safely and easily.


If you don't have three or four copies of your data, including at least one offsite, then that data isn't really backed up. It's not hard to do, or expensive, but it's very, very important. If you are serious about your business you should be serious about your backups too.

Passwords & Security

Do you have a company password policy that's actually enforced? We can train and equip your staff so they know what a good password is and how to securely store one. We can also lock down every Mac computer, iPhone and iPad in the office so that even if lost or stolen, no data is visible to outsiders. You'll even be able to remotely wipe a device if needed.


Mac computers are machines, and like any machine they need attention from time to time. Regular maintenance, as a part of ongoing Mac IT service, can be a big money saver. Our monthly service plans include maintenance as well as user support. Don't wait for a crash — call us today.