New MacBook Pro this month

There are strong rumours of a new and quite different MacBook Pro coming out this month. It's been years since anything major changed on what is already a great laptop, but if the rumours are true, this new version might be very interesting because of changes to the top row of buttons on the keyboard.

These F keys are unused by most people, except for the default key actions like volume or brightness adjustment. Basically the top row is a waste of space for the average user... but wait! Some tech sites have discussed a keyboard with a top row that's a kind of display screen, with information and buttons that change based on what you're doing on the Mac. It's a great idea, so hopefully it's not just a rumour.

If you're shopping for a portable Mac right now, wait a few weeks to see what's announced. Even if this keyboard display doesn't come about, a revamped and upgraded MacBook Pro is worth waiting for. There may be changes to the popular MacBook Air line as well.