iPhone 7 camera is superb

If your camera is important to you, this is reason enough to get a new iPhone. Apple has once again raised the bar for photography on a tiny device. Not only is the camera great — and even greater on the iPhone 7 Plus — but the screen is improved too. There's an immediately noticeable difference in the quality of onscreen images.

Inside the iPhone 7 there's a big advance in power, which means everything you do on the phone happens faster. iPhone 7 is water resistant — not waterproof — so a bit of rain or a splash of water shouldn't be a worry anymore. Audio playback on the phone speakers is much louder than on older phones, and it's in stereo for the first time.

iPhone 7 users in Japan should have cause for celebration this month as an expected iOS update enables FeliCa functions, meaning you can swipe your iPhone at ticket gates, vending machines and cash registers. Hopefully you'll be able to recharge Suica with a credit card stored on the phone as well. This is going to be a huge selling point for Apple in Japan if it works properly.