Apple iPhone 6

Do you need a reason to justify buying a new iPhone? Here are some good ones:

  • Great camera. Apple's iPhone has finally matched the quality of still photos taken with low-end digital cameras. HD videos taken on the iPhone look great on a huge TV screen. This phone is far ahead of earlier iPhones, so if your phone is your camera and you use it often, enough said.
  • Touch ID. This is the fingerprint-based security system. It was introduced in the previous iPhone generation, but there's new hardware in iPhone 6 that makes it more powerful. With Touch ID, mobile security has become easier and more convenient, which is a very good thing.
  • Speed. It's noticeably faster than last year's iPhone 5s, and much faster than older ones. Remember, it's a computer.

Is bigger better? Perhaps not at first, but you'll soon get used to it. Your pockets might not though, so if you're thinking of getting the iPhone 6 Plus you should try one before buying.

More on Touch ID

In the next few years we should see added benefits of this security feature in shops, online, and in apps. Right now it's perfect for unlocking your iPhone (and the 1Password app).

People in the USA can also use Touch ID on iPhone 6 for secure credit card payments that require only one touch of a finger. This system, called Apple Pay, goes far beyond any mobile payment system that's come before, including Japan's much vaunted systems. With Apple Pay, your credit card number is not transmitted when you pay for something. The vendor doesn't receive it, and therefore can't allow others to steal it.