Adobe Flash security problem... again

Once again there’s a serious security problem with Flash, the software from Adobe that enables certain kinds of video and animation on your Mac. If you have Flash, you should update it immediately: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced and click Check Now.

Me, I’ve had enough. I uninstalled it. It's not an Adobe thing — I use and recommend Adobe Photoshop, but Flash seems to be Photoshop’s poor country cousin, and I’m fed up with its demands on my time.

Interesting point: When you surf the internet on an iPhone or iPad, you don’t have much trouble with videos not displaying, right? That’s because Flash isn’t necessary for video — it’s just one of several ways video can be presented. Why mess with it if it’s buggy and drains battery power unnecessarily? People who create websites are getting the message, and largely due to the sheer number and purchasing power of iPhone and iPad users (these devices have never had Flash), more and more websites are offering non-Flash video.

Bottom line: If you have Flash installed, make sure you keep it up to date. But why not try living without it?